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The AI revolution is leaving Arabic speakers behind

The vast majority of references and big data AI tools such as ChatGPT scan to generate results are in English. This must be addressed if we are to avoid a digital language divide

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The veil does not stop the truth entering my head

Since the revolution in Tunisia there has been a heated debate about which political party should run the country: and in particular, should it be an Islamic party or a secular one? Some even venture to discus the national identity of Tunisia 


Amal Al-Makki: Tunisian Journalist

An interview with Tunisian MP Al-Sahbi Ben Faraj from the Long Live Tunisia bloc: The government has moved from attack to defense, waiting

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"S17": Victims of the Interior Ministry's mood

Enquifada - On September 5, 2018, Muhammad Diaa entered the security center in the city of Manzil Bouzalfa (southeast of the capital) before quickly leaving to pour gasoline on his body from a container that he had left minutes earlier between two cars in front of the center.

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IJNet writer

Amal Al-Makki, a Tunisian journalist residing in Switzerland and founder of the Insan platform. She works as a trainer for various international organizations, and is an award-winner in investigative journalism and human rights.

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In public employment wages

Al-Makki: The state budget allows for an increase News Section - The leader of the Ennahdha Movement, Abdel Latif Al-Makki, warned today, Monday, December 10, 2018, of…

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